AKGÜN TORNA which was established in 1995 , has been groving by increasing its quality, dependability and its customer services. By elevating its level of serving quality and exceeding its limits, it promotes its performance level in its own bussines sector and it becomes an important industey and trade company which is named GÜNTUĞ MACHINE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Our company is capable of giving ministration to its customers about designed machines depending on request, auxiliary machine components, conveyors, spirals and steel constructions by its technic staff and available quality perpective. As GÜNTUĞ MACHINE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, we are proud of laboratory of water isalation which we have been producing. Moreover conveyance systems with conveyor, spiral of vibration are among our productions. In addition to those, production of auxiliary components for sanding and mixer units in casting sector and production of guns for breaking ways are among the works whitch are made in our company. Our company has been growing together with is brother company whitch is named ASTUĞ TECHNICAL ENGINERING , CONSTRUCTION , TRANSPORTATION AND SOCIAL SERVICE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY designing hydraulic power units, conveyance and curve bands in food and textile sectors. Our company keeps the quality as its top priority and wants to be A-class provider in all the sectors in whitch it services. Some examples among our productions are followed as.

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